Anorah-intervju på engelska av Tavi.

by Tavi Meran

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Anna  Nordell aka Anorah

Hello Anna

HI!!! :)


How you start to work in this industry ?

I started when I was very young. Actually I started out as a song writer and people heard me on my demos and other song writers demos on which I had put some vocals. I got more and more demo session jobs and that´s how it started I guess. I wrote my first song when I was 7 years old.


Do you write your own songs ?

Yupp :) Often together with my husband Sam or other songwriters.

Anna, you worked on Celine’s album One Heart ? If it's true, did you meet her ? How was working with her ?

Yes, I do sing back up on 4 songs on her One Heart album. But I didn´t get the chance to meet her. She put her vocals in The Us and I put the bv´s in Max Martin's studio here in Sweden.


I know that you gave voice for many dance projects like Bomfunk MC's, Mighty 44, E-Type, to name a few, which was your favorite project and why ?

Hmm, I really love the song This Love Ain't Going On. And I got to be in the video and I love recording music videos :)


Anna how are Dolly & Triff ?

They're both fine! Tiff is such a fantastic "big sister" to the little fur ball Dolly :D .


Anna why did you stop to work with Martin (E-Type) ?

We wrote some music for his last CD and that was the deal. I felt kind of tired of touring and I wanted to put my time in my own music.


Will you keep on collaborating with E-type in the next future ?

Maybe, I don´t know :).


You're a an example of a resilient person who made in life trough all the hardest and easy... what advise can you give to the people who lived tragic events !?

Hmm, it´s a big question... To me my faith has carried me through tough times. When tragic things happens to you it´s important not to shut down but instead feel all the feelings that comes over you..


What are you doing tomorrow ?

I´m going to record a radio commercial. I don´t know if you know but I work as a voice over actress as well as a singer :)


Can you define this words: Love ?

Means the world to me


Music ?

Makes your days easier


Life ?

Wonderful! ...If you choose to make it wonderful...


How is Anna in real life ?

... Happy :D


What kind of music you listen ?

I don´t listen to music a lot, I have to confess... I like whatever is on the radio.


Were you in 90’s eurodance you had a favorite artist or band ?



Anna do you often have contacts with other swedish dance divas such as September, Velvet, Agnes, Nana Hedin or Linn Maria Wågberg ? With whom you like to do a featuring ?

I keep in contact with Dee :) She´s such a sweet girl!.


What is your future projects ?

At the moment I don´t have any music projects ahead.


A message to your fans and to our readers…

Thank you so much for liking my work and for being supportive! It´s such a pleasure to read your e-mails and your sweet sweet words on my space. Thank you, remember to care about music more than all the glitter around it :).

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