Like He'd Do

En liten kul grej jag hittade för länge sedan. Lite rolig läsning :)

Like He'd Do
IndiePendence Music
Produced and Mixed by Samuel Engh.
Mastered at 'Cutting Room Sweden' by Björn Engelman

Anorah - Like He'd Do
The Players:
Anorah - vocals
Samuel Engh - all guitars
Andreas Nordell - bass
Danielle Nordell - childs voice on 'Jane Doe'
Erik Mjörnell - Guitar solo on 'Hey Hey Hey'
Alex Jonsson - Guitar solo on 'That's you to me'
Samuel Starck - Piano on 'Inconsolable'

Track Listing:
1. Bitch
2. Guess I've Been Better
3. Beat the Enemy
4. Hey Hey Hey
5. Breathing Just to Try
6. Inconsolable
7. Jane Doe
8. x + u = y
9. Thats You to Me
11.Like He'd Do

Anorah's debut CD was released on November 8, 2007 but if you have not seen the album in the Capital Region don't worry, you're not alone. In the true DIY tradition you can buy it and download it at Indiependence Music. ( With Indiependence Music once you sign up (Sign up is free) you can preview all the tracks and buy only the ones you really like. You can also rate the songs and leave comments. That is the good news - bad news is you need PayPal in order to make a purchase. But having said that - the music is awesome. Sort of a throwback to guitar rock of the 80's. Anorah can sing like a sweet angel and then sneak in a true rock and roll growl. A listen to the kick off track, Bitch is proof of that.(This is not a cover of the Meredith Brooks song of the same name) My favorite track has to be Cindy, a heartbreaking song about AIDS. In the tradition of Andy Prieboy's Tomorrow Wendy Anorah's song tells the story of 'Cindy' who "didn't even get the chance to live". You want to shed a tear as Anorah achingly sings "and finally you get to breath so free" and start to hate ourselves when the finger points at everyone: "Oh care, we don't care. If we close our eyes hard enough she disappears." It is so great when someone comes along that has passion about things and isn't afraid to put their heart out for everyone to see. In another very cool move Anorah is giving the proceeds from the sales of this song to AIDS research.

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Postat av: Ocram

Hi, thank you for your great work on Anorah's adventure into music business!

I really like her but unlucky her album is not on sale anywhere (either at !!!!

I'd be really grateful if you can send it to me...

Anyway I thank you for pleasent time I spent reading your blog,

best wishes!

2010-05-04 @ 19:32:24

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